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I am Byron TGI Friday - a.k.a. TGIF

Recovery activist, emotional abuse survivor Coach Byron Friday started Sober Coach with Byron TGI Friday to chronicle and share his journey in recovery.


In 2002 Byron donating the 99% of his personal belongings to charity and starting his life over from scratch.




I have used the last 11 years studying the harsh life lessons why some people find success in sobriety and recovery while others continue to struggle despite their good intentions.


From 2003 to 2006 I working in the recovery industry, I managed  a 55 Bed Sober Living in Los Ageles.This during this time I mentoring and coaching hundreds of recovering addicts and alcoholics, encouraging them to develop a long term post treatment aftercare strategy and relapse prevention strategy.



I have spent thousands of hours mentoring addiction recover newcomers fresh out of treatment (Rehab) - I have seen hundreds of addicts and alcoholics overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and achieve long term sobriety. I have also experienced the pain and sorrow of some who unfortunately did not make it and have since passed away and a direct result of their addiction E.G. their disease.


The insights and self reflection gained though these years have provides ALL of the answers and keys to success in sobriety and long recovery.


In 2002 I became a student of recovery. Some people confuse sobriety with recovery - these two words are not synonymous but, entirely two different words.


Recovery happen when we take our lives Beyond the 12 Steps.


Based on the work that I've done you might call me crash test dummy of  the RECOVERY industry. I sharing what works (and what doesn’t) so you know exactly what to do (and what not to do) - this will help you and your loved ones from years of pain and misery.



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Episode #2

Why I am different and why I have the answers you need?


I could have died. At one point I had lost the will to live.


No person should have to go through whatI went through.They say the 12 Step Model works if you work it. Why then do so many people

fail to learn how to get and stay sober?

Why do so many people die? Despite the catastrophic consequence why do so many people keep relapsing? Time after time!


Since 2003 I've devoted my life to studying  addiction, recovery, relapse, treatment, after care, sober living, long term sobriety and life rehabilitation.


Today provided the person is willing to take direction and adopt multi-year rehabilitation strategy  I'm confident that I can teach any alcoholic, addict, family member of an alcoholic, addict:


1. How to stop relapsing.

2. Why the chronic continue to plague the alcoholic, addict and what can be done to stop the relapse cycle forever.


My grandiose (pun intended) promises are contingent upon a few simple to understand and easy to follow understandings:


1. The vital importance of setting up "safeguards and accountability protocols."

2. Understand that 12 Steps programs are not a substitute for treatment.

3. What the difference is between recovery and rehabilitation.

4. What long term reconditioning and reprogramming the subconscious looks like.